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    Tax optimisation – sounds great, but how?

    • Am I doing my taxes properly? Where can I save money? Every year brings these questions and many more. Suissepool provides you with expert assistance and an array of Tools.

    • Don't just copy last year's tax return; regularly check for opportunities to optimize your taxes. New personal and professional circumstances can change your tax, legal and insurance situation.

    • Take a look at our checklist: it will help you collect all the documents and information you Need.

    • We can even request extensions, file returns, identify opportunities for optimisation, review the assessment, etc. on your behalf. If you are a new client, please send us a completed checklist with supporting documentation and copies of previous tax returns.

    Debts and restructuring

    Financial turmoil, market shifts and many other factors can threaten your company's very existence. You need to find ways to get out of this situation and lay a solid foundation for the future of your company. Restructuring refers to financial and organisational measures taken to resolve financial crises. They aim to clean up the balance sheet (e.g. excess debt or loss of capital shown on the balance sheet) and restore the company's long-term earning power.

    Debts and restructuring

    Suissepool bietet Ihnen auch hierfür sein Expertenwissen und professionelle Beratung.