VAG 45

Duty to inform about article 45. ISA

Suissepool Services INC (hereinafter Suissepool) is an unbound insurance intermediary (registration number 33120) and as a member of the Suissepool Group has access to the cooperation agreements of Suissepool Services INC with all major insurance companies operating in Switzerland. It should be mentioned that Suissepool is neither legally nor economically nor in any other way bound to an insurance company.

Suissepool cooperates with the companies according to the client's insurance needs in all classes of insurance. Suissepool is compensated by the insurers with the customary brokerage fees.

Suissepool works on behalf of its clients according to the services defined in the cooperation agreement.

Suissepool is liable within the framework of the cooperation agreement for negligence, errors or incorrect information in connection with your brokerage activities.

When processing personal data, Suissepool observes the provisions of the Data Protection Act. Details can be found in the privacy policy.