Health insurance
Health insurance
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  • Choice of deductible

    A higher deductible can lower your basic insurance premium.

    You can voluntarily increase your annual deductible from the CHF 300 mandatory minimum. Covering more of your treatment costs yourself will lower your health insurance premium by as much as 45 per cent.

    Please note: You will have to pay the entire deductible and the statutory 10% coinsurance yourself if you fall ill or have an accident.

    Suissepool will show you how changing your deductible will affect your premiums..

    Choice of deductible

    Individual premium reduction

    Did you know that low-income individuals may be eligible for government assistance on health insurance premiums? Premium reductions vary from canton to canton. They are generally calculated based on taxable income.

    Suissepool recommends asking your local AHV branch office or cantonal administration if you are entitled to a premium reductio

    Individual premium reduction