Fixed-rate mortgages

The fixed-rate mortgage grants an unchanged interest charge during the selected term. During the term, the mortgage is non-cancelable. In case of sale, early exit is possible for a fee.

Variable mortgages

The interest rates of variable mortgages are dependent on the market and can therefore rise or fall. Termination of the mortgage is possible at any time for six months.


Your home is a critical component of your retirement savings. Around the purchase of a home, there are the following points to consider:

Financing home ownership with pension capital

Pillar 3a assets, pension fund capital or vested benefits can be used - as an advance withdrawal or pledge - as own funds when financing residential property. This concerns the purchase, construction or renovation of a property.

Direct or indirect amortization

With direct amortization, you pay off your downstream mortgage in 10 or more years in installments. Debt and interest deduction decreases, tax deduction decreases. With indirect amortization, you save the installment amounts on a retirement savings account 3a and repay the entire amount of the post-retirement mortgage at once. The 3a account offers an attractive interest rate, and the 3a contributions can be claimed as a tax deduction.

Cover for risks of illness and death

85 percent of work absences due to health problems are due to illness. In this case, the law provides only incomplete coverage of a possible loss of income. For homeowners, it is therefore important to ask whether affordability is ensured even if one spouse becomes disabled or dies. Suissepool calculates for you the short- and long-term effects of disability due to illness, accident or death.

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