Health insurance

Health insurance, choice of deductible rate

Savings can be made on the basic health insurance premium by choosing a higher deductible rate. The mandatory annual deductible of CHF 300 can be increased voluntarily. By contributing to medical expenses with a higher base amount, you receive a discount on your health insurance premium. This can account for up to 45 percent.

Important to know: In the event of illness or accident, the entire fixed deductible and the statutory deductible of 10 percent must be paid by the insured person. Suissepool will show you the options for the franchise that is appropriate for you.

Individual premium reduction

Did you know that people with low incomes may be eligible for a government contribution to health insurance premiums? Premium reductions are determined differently from canton to canton. As a rule, they are determined on the basis of taxable income.

Suissepool, recommends that you ask the AHV branch office in your municipality of residence or the cantonal administration whether you are entitled to a premium reduction.

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